Indoor Floor Fountain w/ Dark Copper Clear Glass ( 4 FT)

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Model: GF4WG
H: 48"   W: 12"   Weight: 40lbs
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Indoor Floor Fountain w/ Copper & Clear Glass


If you are looking to install a water wall fountain in small rooms, well you've came to the right place! When you are looking for fountain to be inserted into small rooms you need to look for wall mounts. Courtesy Blue Heron This luxury custom home by the develpoer Blue Heron has a stream running through it, which is a negative-edge reflection pool. A negative-edge swimming pool is where there are two water walls in the basement while one is viewing a screen and koi pond. Inside, there's a projector flashing an old film casts its imagery onto a wall of water. Providing this certain level of service cost a bit more than using a low-cost carrier. However, we believe it is necessary- Origin Falls' water features require a level of care that the budget carriers can simply not acutomed too. All of our indoor waterfall shipments are crated in secure and minial. The crates they are in you can take an easy inspection upon arrival, we also have total experience of water wall construction details that are designed to prevent damage in transit.

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Indoor Floor Fountain w/ Copper & Clear Glass Specifications

  • Clear glass
  • Dark Copper
  • 48" x 18" x 12"
  • 40 lbs
  • Center Mount
  • Holds 4.5 gallons of water

Call 1 (877) 335-7928 tospeak to a water feature expert today!

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