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Accu-Clear eliminates all forms of cloudy water caused by dirt, silt and particles. Accu-Clear works by causing tiny suspended cloud particles in pond water to clump together, forming microscopic clusters. The clusters quickly fall to the bottom of the pond and are removed by the pond filter. Use Pond Care® Pond Zyme® Plus after Accu-Clear to keep pond bottoms and filters free of decomposing dead algae, plants and fish waste, which can cloud the pond.  Unlike many other water clarifiers, Accu-Clear WILL work in acidic water. Accu-Clear is formulated to work at any pH and is not affected by the presence of other Pond Care® products.



  • Quickly clears cloudy pond water by causing tiny suspended particles of dirt & debris to clump together, forming larger particles that fall to the bottom of the pond & are siphoned out or removed by the pond filter. 
  • Keeps ponds clear during peak summer months



  • 8 oz treats 2,400 gallons
  • 16 oz treats 4,800 gallons
  • 32 oz treats 9,600 gallons
  • 64 oz treats 19,200 gallons
  • 1 gallon treats 37, 854 gallons

Directions For Use:

  • Mix the desired dose with a gallon of water and distribute evenly around the perimeter of the pond.

    Helpful Information

    Accu-Clear™ is a unique colorless polymer that rapidly eliminates cloudy pond water. Accu-Clear is environmentally safe and is non-toxic to fish, plants, and other pond life. Newly established ponds may develop cloudy water during the first few weeks. Most cloudy pond water is caused by the build-up of organic matter in the pond, such as uneaten fish food, fish waste and dead plants. Blooms can be stimulated by certain nutrients released from this decomposing organic matter. Additionally, pond maintenance such as water changes, filter cleaning, and aquatic plant gardening can stir up dirt and debris. In all these instances, Accu-Clear will quickly restore pond water to a crystal­ clear condition.


    Before using Accu-Clear, make certain that the pond has vigorous aeration, i.e. a fountain, waterfall, or aeration device. During hot summer months, pond water contains very little oxygen. In sunlight, algae and submerged plants produce oxygen, and in some cases may be the major source of oxygen in the pond. However, submerged plants and algae consume oxygen at night. Organic matter also consumes oxygen at night. Organic matter also consumes oxygen while decomposing. These three factors in conjunction with the use of Accu-Clear can cause dangerously low levels of oxygen in your pond during hot summer months. When organic matter is removed by the filter or settles to the bottom of the pond, the oxygen level may drop to harmful levels if adequate aeration is not provided. Therefore, when using Accu-Clear during the warm summer months, adequate aeration is required to avoid fish death. Do not shut off pond pumps and aeration devices off at night! Aeration must be provided for pond life at all times. When used as directed, Accu-Clear is non-toxic to fish and plants. If adequate aeration is provided, oxygen levels will not drop to dangerous levels.


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