Pondmaster Supreme Filters (250-2000 gallons)

Model: 02211
H: 0"   W: 0"   Weight: 15lbs
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Maintain a healthy pond balance with minimum bother with Pondmaster submersible filters. In this filter, pond water is first drawn into a coarse white polyester material which prefilters the water of larger particles. The second layer is a finer carbon impregnated filter material which filters smaller debris from the water; the activated carbon in this layer helps eliminate many harmful compounds as well as unwanted color from the pond water. The phosphates that are present in many water supplies join with the increased biological load present in most man made ponds to make a perfect breeding ground for algae. Coarse polyester filter is excellent for mechanical filtration of particles and the fine carbon-impregnated polyester filter is for chemical filtration.

  • For larger ponds, multiple units can be combined with T fittings and extra tubing.
  • The Pondmaster 1000 can be used in as little as six inches of water and with submersible pumps that have a flow rate of up to 500 gallons per hour. 
  • Dual filter elements offer mechanical filtering and chemical filtration.  Rests on the bottom of the pond and is designed to connect to the intake of a submerged pump by use of a flexible vinyl hose.
  • Swivel connector to attach to the filter's outlet. The other end of the connector accepts standard 3/4" ID (inside diameter) flexible vinyl tubing. In larger ponds, a longer piece of tubing can be used so that the filter can be moved as needed to collect debris in the pond while the pump unit remains stationary.
  • Because of its modular design, two or more Pondmasters can be teed together for larger volume pumps.


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