Kasco Robust-Aire Aquatic Aeration Systems

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Model: RA Series
H: 24"   W: 18"   Weight: 20lbs
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Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond and is key to creating predictable biological performance in your pond. The key to aeration is to provide physical energy that help gas exchanges from deep in the water with the surface, resulting in a thriving environment for fish and other organisms. The Robust-Aire diffused air systems provide deep water aeration for lakes and ponds deeper than 8 feet. Compressed air is pumped directly to the bottom of a pond providing continous flow to the water's surface enriching the bottom with oxygen.

The Robust-Aire System features no electrical system in water and sits on the bottom of the pond making it safe for swimmers and boats. Robust-Aire can be installed remotely away from water's edge, resulting in cost efficient installation as well as the ease of mind of no electricity near the water. Most maintenance/inspection can be done onshore making the Robust-Aire System low maintenance. Air compressors can inject air up to 50 feet deep making it ideal for larger ponds and lakes.


  • Unit pricing based on a single diffuser system, 1/4 HP compressor with no cabinet
  • Each unit features a TeichAire rocking piston compressor with air filter and pressure release valve
  • Available as 120V or 240V systems
  • Systems 1 & 2 are equipped with a 1/4 HP compressor
  • System 3 is equipped with a 1/2 HP compressor
  • System 4 is equiiped with two 1/4 HP compressors
  • System 5 is equipped with one 1/4 HP and one 1/2 HP compressor
  • System 6 is equipped with two 1/2 HP compressors
  • Sure Sink weighted tubing
  • Robust-Aire diffuser assemblies with weighted base
  • All fittings and clamps neccessary to assemble system
  • Multiple diffuser systems include a manifold with valves to control air flow to each diffuser


Robust-Aire Systems # of Diffusers Tubing Surface Acres* Cabinet Options
System 1 1 100' 3/8" 1.5 No Cabinet, Post Mount, Large Cabinet
System 2 2 200" 3/8" 3 No Cabinet, Post Mount, Large Cabinet
System 3 3 300' 3/8" 4.5 No Cabinet, Post Mount, Large Cabinet
System 4 4 400' 3/8" 8 No Cabinet, Large Cabinet
System 5 5 500' 3/8" 10 No Cabinet or Large Cabinet
System 6 6 600' 3/8" 11 N Cabinet of Large Cabinet

*System 1 - System 3 pond size based on a depth of 8 feet and a desired minimum turnover rate of 1 turn of complete volume per 48 hrs.

*System 4 - System 6 pond size based on a depth of 15 feet and a desired minimum turnover rate of 1 turn of complete volume per 48 hrs.

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