Pond and Fountain World can offer custom built granite products to meet your project's needs. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions about our granite product line or design capabilities. 


As an established supplier of architectural grade fountains, Pond and Fountain World is able to provide a wide selection of Granite Fountains and Basins. Granite is a reputable and reliable material for your estate fountain, with better weather ability characteristics than cast stone competitors. Our line of Granite Fountains and Basins are intended to last for many generations.


Our Granite Fountain and Basin components are hand carved from solid individual pieces of natural imported stone. Lesser quality manufacturers typically use granite pieces that are constructed in a casting process to create the appearance of a solid granite piece. Inadequate plumbing designs and various flaws in inferior products limit creative enhancements, prohibiting hidden lighting and full-flow plumbing.  Our products are engineered from both the consumer and installer's point of view. This not only allows for an impressive luxury fountain, but also enables you to bring the fountain to its full potential.


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