Premium Fountain Covers

H: 13"   W: 28"   Weight: 5lbs
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Our premium fountain covers are made using the building material Tyvek. which is engineered to a much higher standard for weathering than most typical accessory covers.

These fountain covers allow moisture out of the fountain, but will not let rain or dust in. This will decrease the chance of cover failure & unexpected damage to your fountain. Combined with a locking drawstring, these covers are the best we have found for protcting your investment. 

*Small Fountain Cover is currently Out Of Stock* All other sizes are available...


  • Prolongs the life of your fountain by protecting it through winter
  • Locking Drawstring for a secure fit
  • Available in 4 sizes 
  • Made of soft flexible Tyvek material
  • Packaged in it's own storage sack



 Accommodates Fountain Approximately


 Up to 20”H


 Up to 40”H


 Up to 35”W x 65”H

 Extra Large

 Up to 55”W x 65”H


These measurements are hard to communicate in a "table" and are not exact. We encourage you to send us a photo of your specific fountain and its size so we can help you select the right cover size.

Fountain Covers are intended to cover the parts of the fountain that hold water, and are not meant to cover the lowest pedestal on tiered fountains.

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