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Provence Fountain

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Model: FT-143
H: 53"   W: 46"   Weight: 814lbs
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The Provence Fountain brings the feel of a English courtyard into your backyard! This 4 sided column each pours water into a unique, renaissance style Quartafoil-basin. With it's classic styling and a full sound this fountain will surely be a cherished piece for many years to come.

Plugs into any standard 3-prong 110V electrical outlet. An outdoor-rated extension cord can be used to lengthen the cord.

Winter Care Information: Protect your fountain from small chips and cracks by draining and covering it in freezing weather. It is also recommended that the pump be brought indoors during periods of freezing weather.

Be sure to place your fountain on a solid, level foundation. Specific assembly and care instructions are included with the fountain.

Shipping is available to any address in the Continental USA. Normally ships from the factory within 3 to 4 weeks of order date. Your order will arrive securely packed on a pallet. The truck driver will place your palletized fountain on your property, but cannot assist with placement or installation.




  • Shown in "Alpine Stone"
  • Available in 12 finishes
  • Includes whisper quiet, UL listed pump. No plumbing needed. Water recirculates within the fountain.
  • Lighting not included.
  • Constructed from premium fiber reinforced cast stone concrete.
  • Proudly made in the  U.S.A.


  • 53" tall (total height)
  • 46" at widest point
  • 11" basin depth
  • 814 lbs
  • Holds approximately 30 gallons


Due to the nature of concrete there is very little that can go wrong with it as long as it's properly cared for. For this reason Campania does not offer a warranty for their products. Our 15+ years of experience has shown that Campania's products are more than capable of withstanding the test of time. These products are designed to last well over 40 years, and will as long as proper care is provided for them. For information on keeping your fountain in good condition and protecting your investment, please see our FAQ section.

Assembly Images and Maintenance

Fountain Set Up

Specific assembly instructions are included with the purchase of each Campania fountain. Please check that these instructions and all fountain parts are included before setting up the fountain. The following general guidelines should be followed for every fountain set-up:

  • The fountain should be set up on a flat, level surface to ensure proper water flow. A properly prepared base of gravel, flagstone, or other hardscaping material is preferred to maintain stability.
  •  100% clear silicone caulk or floral putty should be used around a fountain’s rubber stopper or standpipe to prevent leaking. Floral putty is included in each Campania fountain kit.
  •  Check that the pump works BEFORE assembly by placing it in a bucket of water and operating the pump.
  • A fountain pump should only be connected to a properly grounded 110 volt (AC only) GFCI protected receptacle.

Fountain Maintenance

Proper care for all cast stone fountains should include the following important tips:

  • Consistent filling is required to maintain a proper water level and ensure that the pump remains totally submerged. If the level of water is too low, the pump will be damaged. How often a fountain should be filled depends on water flow and specific weather conditions in which the fountain is running. Appropriate water level is also required for proper fountain performance.
  •  Keep pump inflow free of debris to insure proper water flow. Periodic cleaning of pump will extend the life of the pump.
  •  If desired, the fountain may be cleaned with mild soap and a soft bristle brush. DO NOT use bleach as this may affect patina.
  • Algaecides available at pond supply or garden shops can be used to combat the buildup of algae.


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