Scarecrow Motion Detecting Sprinkler

Model: Scarecrow
H: 13"   W: 7"   Weight: 5lbs
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A safe and effective way to keep unwanted animals out of your garden and pond! The Scarecrow Motion Detecting Sprinkler startles animals with a quick burst of water when they get close enough to be detected. Place in a garden to protect your vegetables or near your pond to keep predators away from fish.



  • Run for months on one 9 volt battery
  • Water conscious — only uses two to three cups per blast
  • Effectively keeps cats, dogs, raccoons, herons, deer, rabbits and other pests away!
  • Animals never get used to the blast of water unlike other scarecrow devices
  • Two year warranty
  • Connects to standard garden hose


  • 12.5" H x 7.3" W x 3.6" D
  • 2 lbs


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